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Set in a space of beauty and luxury, BodyRituals at KaadoMD is a marriage of traditional Mediterranean wellness techniques and next-generation expertise. By incorporating traditional and holistic Ayurvedic techniques, Dr. Kaado can effectively create a sense of optimal health and wellbeing for the body and mind.

The Concept

Capturing the essence of flowers grown on a reserve in Lebanon and harvested when they are in peak bloom during the full moon in spring, our personalized body treatments infuse the skin with life. At the heart of everything, our organic elixir, created by Dr. Kaado’s grandmother and handed down through generations, combines highly concentrated natural ingredients and traditional methods for an ultra-luxe experience.

The Rituals

Our KaadoMD BodyRituals offerings were designed with you in mind and can be customized to better meet your goals and help you enhance your life in the most effective ways possible. Take some well-deserved time out and surrender to the ultimate wellbeing experience. Escape the everyday routine and discover a space where time stands still and is totally yours... at KaadoMD.

Jade Body Revive

Revered for its ancient abilities to bring balance and love to your life, Jade stones gently relieve joint pain whilst your mind is soothed and your senses are recharged. With every warm stone, stress and tension slip away as circulation is revived and mobility is renewed. Indulge in the many blessings of the Jade stone.

Mini | 60 min - $189

Deluxe | 90 min - $235


Jade hot stone – Tailored aromatherapy – Clear quartz reflexology - Breathwork

Revitalize Cold Stone Facial

Discover the therapeutic properties of cool marble stones as they awaken the skin and reinvigorate the mind with this recharging ritual. Feel persistent jawline tightness unravel with every stroke, whilst circulation is improved. Gentle yet effective acupressure harmonizes with pure essential oils and natural extracts to promote a sense of renewal and revitalization. This treatment is particularly effective towards the relief of TMJ pain and persistent headaches.

Mini | 60 min - $189

Deluxe | 90 min - $289


Aromatic warm compress – Cold marble stone facial massage – Tailored facial acupressure – Scalp massage

Purify Hip and Thigh Ritual

Cleansing and reinvigorating, this focused treatment will breathe fresh life into your skin, delivering renewed energy and fostering a positive mindset to purify and reset. Discover the power of natural healing and concentrated techniques that target cellulite, fluid retention, and uneven skin textures through a potent combination of hot and cold therapy with cupping. A course of eight treatments is recommended to address mild cellulite.

60 min - $165


Active gel – Gliding cupping – Skin brushing — Ice massage

Energising Bamboo Fusion

Tension melts as your muscles surrender to revitalizing pressure applied through natural, warmed bamboo. Your balance will be restored as the energy flows around your body, banishing aches and pains through deep muscle bodywork. Your mind and body will be revived and reenergized in equal measure.

Mini | 60 min - $189

Deluxe | 90 min - $235


Full body hot bamboo – Trigger point therapy – Acupressure therapy – Energising scalp massage

Cherishing Body Ritual

Nurture your mind and body alike, with this caring and cherishing treatment. Busy minds are quietened as a gentle guided meditation transports you to a tranquil, safe place. Experience healing and balancing of the chakras, as you tend to emotional and physical pain through this holistic Ayurvedic treatment. Your tension will dissolve, your skin will be nourished, and your mind will be calmed as a sense of wellbeing and peace prevails.

Mini | 90 min - $229

Deluxe - $325


Crystal sound bath – Guided meditation – Reiki - Rose quartz reflexology – Breathwork - Shirodhara treatment

Travel Restore Ritual

The perfect remedy to soothe or revitalize your weary body. Indulge in a beautiful, serene space as your mind and body are rejuvenated and reconnected. Calming, tailored techniques will release your tension, nourish your skin, and leave you totally relaxed as systemic inflammation is reduced and your body’s resilience is restored.

Mini | 60 min - $189

Deluxe | 90 min - $220


Cold marble stone neck pillow – Shirodhara treatment - Trigger point therapy - Invigorating scalp massage

Detox Body Cocoon

Awaken from within as your internal health is purified and restored. This powerfully effective treatment naturally promotes gut health by stimulating circulation, boosting digestion, and reducing water retention. Helping you to feel instantly cleansed and reenergized, this purification process is the perfect way to kickstart your detox program.

Mini | 60 min - $189

Deluxe | 90 min - $210


Manual lymphatic drainage – Soft cupping – Detoxifying herbal wrap

The Add Ons

  • Aroma Therapy - $29
  • Soft Cupping - $49
  • Aromatic Scalp Massage - $35
  • Facial Paraffin - $40
  • Herbal Body Wrap - $59
  • Algae Treatment - $39
  • Warm Mud Treatment - $39
  • Shirodhara Treatment - $59
  • Ice Massage - $65
  • Lymphatic Drainage - $69
  • Abdominal Body Work - $49
  • Sound Healing - $49
  • Guided Meditation - $49
  • Reflexology - $55
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