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Get to know Dr. Kaado

For much of his career Dr. Kaado learned from and practiced with pioneers in plastic surgery, dermatology, and anti-aging medicine.

Moreover, he has worked in the most progressive locales in the world of aesthetic expertise: the vitality and wonder of such places as Miami, London, Paris, and Venezuela have expanded his knowledge, sharpened his skills, and perfected his keen eye for exquisite detail.

In an endless quest for knowledge, Dr. Kaado regularly attends conferences worldwide to learn the latest in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine. It’s not only the clinical aspect which interests the doctor. His goal is to use medicine to create art. He sees beauty in every person he meets.

It is a testament to his skills that Dr. Kaado’s clients include high-level executives, beauty editors, models, and people from all walks of life who just want to look and feel better. His popularity is due to his medical skills as well as to his warm personality. His gentle manner and friendly demeanor endear everyone to him, and you will feel immediately comfortable and relaxed in his presence.

Now happily settled in Virginia Beach, Dr. Kaado and his staff wish to welcome you to revitalize yourself at our clinic, on the surface as well as within.

Your anti-aging regimen is within your reach. If your schedule is tight, let our staff find a good time for your appointment. Dr. Kaado often works in the evenings and on the weekends to accommodate his clients. Moreover, services and products are moderately priced, so if rejuvenating your looks is priority in your life, you can make it happen!

Inspired by the modernity and style of the world’s most fashionable places, Dr. Kaado has designed his clinic to feel chic and elegant, with open spaces, clean lines, bright colors, and soft resting places. Music keeps time in the background, adding pizzazz to typically routine aesthetic treatments. You haven’t just entered a medical atmosphere, you have walked into Virginia Beach’s most attractive and stylish anti-aging clinic. Every time you visit Kaado MD, your senses will come alive as your cares melt away.

Meet Dr. Kaado, Kaado Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Medicine

Exclusive Skincare Line

Dr. Kaado recommends that you are as faithful to your skin at home as you are in scheduling regular anti-aging treatments. To assist you in keeping an outstanding skincare regiment, Dr. Kaado offers you his very own blend of herbs and wild flowers harvested from the mountainous regions beside the Mediterranean Sea.

To perfect his organic line of beauty products, he recorded age-old recipes handed down over generations and brought ancient knowledge into today’s scientific world to create cleansers, creams, and restorative mixes. These exclusive fusions bring out the best in your skin. With regular use, you’ll experience a vitality, firmness and brightness like you haven’t known before.

Meet Dr. Kaado, Kaado Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Medicine


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