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If you’d like a defined jawline and sculpted facial features, there is a way to achieve this without surgery, injections or any type of invasive procedure: the Evoke device from Inmode. Evoke utilizes a cutting-edge, breakthrough technology we are proud to offer at KaadoMD.

What is Evoke?

Evoke is a painless, short and non-surgical treatment that sculpts, defines and tightens your facial features, neck and jawline.

The Evoke device is uniquely made to use radio-frequency technology to heat the deeper layers of the skin. It is specifically designed to firm and tighten facial tissue. Treatments can be customized to your needs and goals, and provide a naturally younger and firmer appearance without downtime.

Benefits of Evoke

Evoke provides many benefits for patients who would like to tighten and firm their facial features.

  • Safe and painless
  • Highly effective
  • Approved for all skin types and all skin tones
  • Remodels, firms and sculpts your jawline and neck
  • Provides many facelift-like results, but doesn’t require surgery or an invasive procedure

How does Evoke work?

Evoke utilizes radiofrequency energy, which is a clinically proven skin treatment that delivers deep heating to deeper layers under the skin. Evoke directly targets the jowls, jawline and neck, which are areas that can be difficult to smooth and firm, or to rid of unwanted fat.

RF energy increases circulation and destroys fat cells. Long term, RF energy triggers and boosts collagen production and increases circulation to generate new, firm skin. Evoke uses RF to get rid of unwanted fat deposits such as a double chin or jowls, and to refresh and tighten the skin, producing more defined and sculpted features.

How does an Evoke treatment feel?

Using a combination of RF energy, deep tissue heating, and negative pressure massage, Mini FX targets and destroys fat cells deep under the skin so your body can sweep them away. Once the fat cells are heated and destroyed, your body's own natural processes work to carry the dead cells away over the weeks ahead. Watch your body shape becoming more attractive, sculpted, and firm, with an end result of a body that is firmer, tauter, and more attractive.

Recovery and results

When the Evoke treatment is complete, you can return right back to your usual routine or activities. There is no downtime or recovery period after your Evoke treatment.

Depending on what your goals are for your appearance, we will recommend the number of Evoke sessions needed to achieve your ideal results. Within your first few sessions, you will begin to see gradual improvement.

Who is a candidate for Evoke treatments?

Men or women of any skin type of color who don’t want surgery or an invasive procedure to achieve a more youthful, firm and sculpted appearance may be candidates for Evoke.

Candidates for Evoke are concerned with jowls or a double chin, loose or sagging skin, poor skin texture or tone, or unwanted facial fat.

Why choose Kaado MD Aesthetics for my Evoke treatments?

Kaado MD Aesthetics is centered around a perfect patient experience, designed to make your time with us a pleasure. Dr. Georges Kaado has earned a reputation for providing outstanding results in the science of anti-aging, rejuvenation and aesthetic enhancement, and he established Kaado MD Aesthetics to provide a discreet, exclusive experience with all the amenities you need in a luxurious, comfortable environment that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to achieve stellar results and a revitalized, rejuvenated appearance.

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