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The EvolveTite system was designed to tighten loose sagging skin. As a non-invasive skin tightening and body contouring solution, EvolveTite can be customized to address your unique goals. If you are looking to address a single area of concern, or multiple areas simultaneously, EvolveTite produces a visible change, leaving you with a fresh, youthful appearance.

What is EvolveTite?

EvolveTite is a skin tightening and body contouring solution designed to reduce the appearance of loose and sagging skin, creating a more toned and sculpted appearance. As a non-invasive procedure, the benefits can be obtained without the use of scalpels, stitches or long recovery time. EvolveTite is one of the most exciting developments in aesthetics and can treat multiple body areas to tighten, contour, and lift.

How does it work?

EvolveTite utilizes radiofrequency technology that heats the skin just below the dermis to stimulate collagen production. As the radiofrequency goes to work on your dermal layers, your skin quality will improve, and sagging skin tightened and firmed. EvolveTite’s advanced technology has built-in safety features that allow you to easily pause your treatment so any adjustments can be made to ensure your complete comfort for the duration of your procedure.

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What are the benefits of EvolveTite in Virginia Beach?

  • Non-surgical
  • Flexible enough to address all skin types
  • Painless
  • Quick treatment time
  • Improves the shape and texture of the treatment area
  • Can minimize cellulite
  • Return to routine following treatment

Who is a candidate?

If you have been struggling with excess skin and the embarrassing sagging under your arms or other areas of your body, EvolveTite might be right for you. EvolveTite is a relatively simple procedure that produces significant results. If you in good health and are looking for a non-invasive treatment plan that can tone and shape, EvolveTite should be a procedure you consider.

Want more beautiful, firmer, younger skin? EvolveTite.

The development of EvolveTite is a significant advance in aesthetics. At one time, only surgery could correct sagging, aging skin. Dr. Georges Kaado is pleased to be able to offer his patients this alternative to surgery, with results you can see and feel.

What is the recovery like after the procedure?

EvolveTite is a non-surgical procedure, which means no lengthy recovery. It is considered a quick procedure with no downtime. For most patients, all you need is a lunch hour. You can return to work or your usual routine immediately following your appointment.

Why choose Dr. Kaado for my EvolveTite procedure in Virginia Beach?

When considering any cosmetic procedure in Virginia Beach, you want a doctor who has proven results. For years, Dr. Kaado has been consistently recommended by men and women across the state for his high level of expertise. He takes the time to get to know his patients and to understand their unique needs. He treats everyone who walks through his doors like family and will customize a treatment plan that is just right, balancing skills and detail to produce beautifully natural results every time.

EvolveTite Virginia Beach

What areas of the body can be treated with EvolveTite?

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Multiple areas in one session

How many treatments will I need to reach my goals?

The number of treatments will vary depending on your goals. Dr. Kaado will meet with you to discuss any areas of concern and recommend a treatment plan customized for you. Typically, depending on your skin’s laxity, most patients require anywhere from three to eight treatments to achieve their desired results. Each Evolve treatment is scheduled one week apart. Throughout your series of treatments, you will see your skin improving, day by day. After your treatment plan, you should see enhanced skin texture, smoother skin, and a fresher, more youthful skin quality.

Is EvolveTite safe?

EvolveTite has built-in safety features that ensure no treatment area is ever over- or under-treated. Your complete comfort is always a priority. With a patient call button, you have total control to pause the treatment so any adjustment can take place at once.

Will the procedure be painful?

Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different. EvolveTite’s radiofrequency does heat the skin to stimulate collagen and considered painless by most patients. You will feel the warmth and see a bit of redness around the treatment area, which will subside within a few hours. Some patients compare the feeling to a hot stone massage, reporting that it is quite pleasant to experience.

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