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If you’ve been exercising, but have been unable to achieve the toned, sculpted body you want, EvolveTone could be the perfect treatment for you. EvolveTone by InMode has revolutionized modern body sculpting. The device emits electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) energy that triggers ultra-rapid muscle contractions – so fast it would be impossible to achieve with exercise. The end result is increased muscle strength and tone, and visible muscle definition in a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment.

What is EvolveTone?

EvolveTone is a device consisting of four hands-free applicators, applied the buttocks and abdomen to trigger involuntary muscle contractions. The applicators are customizable to your treatment area and can be used simultaneously on different parts of your body. This non-invasive treatment takes less than an hour, with no surgery, no freezing, no downtime, and no side effects.

How does EvolveTone work?

EvolveTone applicators send out pulses of electromagnetic energy, stimulating rapid muscle contractions. Your body responds by burning the fat beneath your skin and building muscle tissue, creating muscle definition at the abdomen and buttocks, creating a beautiful, lifted, sculpted effect.

The EvolveTone treatment is customized to match your needs, with a built-in patient call button to pause treatment or make adjustments if needed. It is safe for all skin types, non-invasive, and delivers results you will see and feel.

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What are the benefits of EvolveTone?

EvolveTone achieves a remarkable improvement in muscle tone and definition and has the following benefits:

  • A lunchtime procedure – takes only about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.
  • EvolveTone is painless and non-invasive.
  • Treatment is safe and FDA-approved for the abdomen and buttocks.
  • No downtime.
  • Muscle mass and tone are enhanced.
  • Achieves visible muscle definition.
  • EvolveTone monitors the heat on your skin during treatment to calibrate for maximum results.

What can EvolveTone treat?

EvolveTone is FDA-approved to treat both the abdomen and buttocks, creating a firmer, more sculpted look to your muscles. The four applicators can be applied so that several areas can be treated in one session. If you have consistently worked out but have been unable to achieve cut, visible muscle definition, EvolveTone can produce results with an easy-to-experience, non-invasive treatment. Lie back, relax, and let the device do the work for you!

Am I a candidate for EvolveTone?

EvolveTone treatments are not a substitute for exercise. If you are physically fit but have not achieved the toned and sculpted look you want in your abdomen and buttocks, this procedure works wonders.

When you reach a plateau with exercise: EvolveTone.

Even if you are dedicated to your workouts, there comes a time when you reach a plateau. If you regularly work out, eat a healthy diet, have reached your weight goals, but still have minor problem areas at the buttocks and abdomen, a series of treatments with EvolveTone can take you to the next level!

How many treatments will I need?

For optimal results, you may need between three to eight treatments, performed once a week.

Is there downtime after EvolveTone?

Since this procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime. Once your session is complete, you can go back to work or other activities.

What does it feel like?

During the EvolveTone treatment, you will feel the warmth on your skin and the sensation of your muscles contracting. After treatment, the area addressed may appear slightly red, which fades quickly. You may feel slight muscle soreness, like after a workout, but no other side effects.

Can EvolveTone be combined with other treatments?

The InMode platform offers an array of modalities to resculpt and improve the body and skin. We provide combination treatments for skin tightening, deep muscle tone, and fat distribution.

Why choose Kaado MD Aesthetics?

Kaado MD Aesthetics has proven results with all the latest body sculpting techniques. We create a treatment plan specifically designed to give you the results you want. We listen to your concerns and explain every step of the procedure. Dr. Kaado’s eye for detail and years of expertise has led to a reputation for excellence in body sculpting and other aesthetic procedures, all performed in his luxury private clinic in Virginia Beach.

EvolveTone Virginia Beach
EvolveTone Virginia Beach


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