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Modern cosmetic procedures have made it possible to improve or rework any facet of your body you’re not happy with. Even so, most people assume that belly button treatments aren’t a thing, which isn’t accurate — like all other parts of your body, you can also enhance or improve your belly button. Whether you want a belly button treatment after pregnancy, after significant weight loss, or simply to turn an “outie” into an “innie,” Sculptra is a nonsurgical procedure that makes everything possible.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a nonsurgical and injectable component made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a synthetic form of lactic acid. When injected into the skin, it stimulates natural collagen production, which, in turn, reinforces the skin’s structures.

How does belly button treatment with Sculptra work?

To understand how Sculptra treats belly buttons, we must first understand the root cause of most belly button problems. Some of the most common belly button problems include hanging skin tissues, wrinkles around the belly button, and stretch marks caused by pregnancy or sudden weight loss. Like all other parts of the body, skin laxity and wrinkles occur primarily due to insufficient collagen in your skin.

Collagen is a crucial protein fiber that makes your skin appear taut, voluminous, smooth, and supple. However, several factors, like aging, sun damage, etc., prevent your skin from producing sufficient collagen, leading to sagging skin tissues and wrinkles. Collagen deficiency is responsible for wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and most other signs of aging on your face, hands, and all other body parts, including your belly button.

Sculptra is a nonsurgical procedure that encourages your body to produce collagen. When injected into the skin’s deeper layers, the Poly-L-Lactic acid gradually gets absorbed by the body, catalyzing your body’s collagen production capabilities. You gradually notice the results after a few weeks, once your body starts producing collagen. The final treatment results usually appear in 9 months, once the collagen component around your belly button is fully restored.

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What are the benefits of treating the belly button with Sculptra?

  • Completely safe procedure with negligible risk of complications or allergies.
  • Nonsurgical and minimally-invasive procedure without incisions or scarring.
  • Leads to long-lasting results that may last for a year or more.
  • Natural-looking results because it activates your body’s natural collagen production.
  • Tightens skin tissues around the belly button, making it appear taut and smooth.

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What can I expect during my Sculptra belly button treatment?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kaado examines your skin quality and discusses your cosmetic goals to curate the ideal treatment plan. The doctor creates a treatment map, marking the injection sites around your belly button. After preparing your skin, the doctor injects highly-calibrated Sculptra doses into the strategically-targeted treatment spots. The procedure concludes in 30 minutes to an hour, and you can resume your daily activities immediately.

What are the belly button with Sculptra results like?

Sculptra belly button treatment isn’t meant for individuals who want immediate results. Sculptra doesn’t add fillers into your skin but rather fortifies your skin’s natural collagen production abilities. As such, you’ll start noticing tighter and softer skin around your belly button a few weeks after the treatment. The final treatment results will be visible in 9 months, and you may need a total of 2 to 4 treatments to ensure optimal results. However, once the results are visible, you can rest assured that they’ll last for 2 to 3 years, making it the most long-term cosmetic solution for belly buttons without surgery.

Why choose Kaado MD for Sculptra belly button treatment?

Dr. Kaado is an exceptionally skilled, talented, and friendly, specializing in cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. He patiently examines your skin types and discusses your goals to curate the ideal belly button treatment. He aims to help you achieve the ideal body according to your specific definition of beauty. Furthermore, he’s committed to ensuring soft and natural-looking results without obvious signs of cosmetic manipulation.

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Sculptra for Belly Button


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