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Alle is a rewards program providing excellent benefits to those who use Allergan products such as BOTOX, Juvéderm, SkinMedica, and other cosmetic treatments, such as laser hair removal, fillers, and much more.

Alle is a tiered, point-based rewards program that allows you to treat yourself to even more cosmetic treatments and products. The more treatments and purchases you make, the more you can save on future treatments and purchases!

How does the rewards program work?

Joining Allē is fairly simple—you’ll simply create a new account or enter your existing Brilliant Distinctions® information. And yes, Allē is perfectly compatible with those who already have existing Brilliant Distinctions® membership.

Once you create your account, you’ll have access to all treatments with Allergan products and other cosmetic treatments. With every treatment, you’ll receive reward points based on your membership status, with which you can gain impressive discounts for your future treatments.

The tiers are based on the number of points you’ve earned and as you advance through the levels, will bring more opportunities and rewards.

Benefits of Alle


You earn points for all treatments using Allergan Aesthetics™ brands and other in-office treatments, skincare routines, and fillers from other brands as well.


The rewards and points are based on your unique cosmetic treatments and profile. As you opt for more cosmetic treatments, you unlock better rewards.


You have access to all your points, offers, and profile details in a single dashboard, making it incredibly simple and convenient.


You decide how and when you want to use the points. You can use them on the go for immediate discounts, or you can let them accumulate in your wallet for major savings later.

Better than Brilliant Distinctions®

Brilliant Distinctions® provided two primary benefits—saving on Allergan-based treatments and reward points that lasted up to 9 months. Comparatively, Allē provides the following benefits:

  • Save on Allergan Aesthetics™ brands
  • Earn points on various in-office treatments
  • Points last for up to 12 months
  • Personalized rewards and offers
  • Coupon-less redemption
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Allē Rewards Program


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