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Skin Care Lines

The way you care for your skin in between treatments will determine how long your results last. Dr. Kaado is proud to offer these exclusive skin care lines to his patients.

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Skin Care

ZO Skin Health

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ZO Skin Health

Created by the man behind the famed Obagi line of skincare, Dr. Zein Obagi used his extensive clinical experience to develop ZO Skin Health. Through the use of cutting-edge science, Dr. Obagi designed a new line of products available exclusively to physicians and their patients. Dr. Obagi’s intense, at-home treatments awaken your skin and prepare it for in-office treatments. Skincare is a journey you should take with a physician who understands the science behind achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion. ZO Skin Health can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.


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Everyone deserves to have truly radiant skin. This is the philosophy of the scientists who created SkinMedica. The SkinMedica line of products works with your skin’s natural ability to heal to enhance and reveal its true beauty. With nearly two decades of research, SkinMedica produces advanced skincare products which can be turned into a personalized regimen created by you and your physician specially to meet your skincare needs. Rather than seeking a quick fix, SkinMedica provides formulas which are designed to promote the long-term health of your skin. You may not be able to turn back time, but with SkinMedica, you can begin to restore a refreshed, youthful glow.


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ALASTIN Skincare© is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand, with innovative, scientifically proven and clinically tested products. Founded in 2015, ALASTIN Skincare provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge products for optimal procedure results and daily skincare regimens. We strategically focus research and development on innovative products with the greatest potential impact for patients and providers.

Our team’s mission is to bring the highest levels of pharmaceutical science and innovation to the physician-dispensed skincare industry while creating a new category of products designed to be synergistic with procedures.

SkinCeuticals: Advanced Skin Care Backed By Science

Featured Products


Skin Care formulated to maintain and improve skin health. An effective skincare regimen must contain three fundamental elements: Prevention, Protection and Correction. Designed to prevent signs of future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct the appearance of previous damage, SkinCeuticals is committed to advanced skincare products that are backed by science.

Elta MD

Elta MD Skin Care Products Virginia Beach

A favorite among dermatologists and skincare professionals, Elta MD offers a line of deep yet gentle cleansers, rich moisturizers, and sun care to protect your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Since many of the visible signs of aging are often caused by sun exposure, Elta MD believes the best treatment for wrinkles and sun damage is preventive. Investing in good quality skin and sun care can be the most important step in maintaining a youthful complexion. Elta MD offers superior skincare products without harsh ingredients that cause irritation, making their line of products appropriate for everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin.

Products Offered

  • Laser Balm
  • Moisturizer Intense (Melting)
  • UV Aero SPF 45

AM Therapy

Barrier Renewal Complex

Dermal Wound

Foaming Facial Cleanser 2.7 oz

Laser Enzyme Gel

Silver Gel

UV Clear SPF 46

UV Clear Tinted SPF 46

UV Lip Balm

UV Lotion SPF 30

UV Physical Tinted SPF 41

UV Pure SPF 47

UV Replenish SPF 44

UV Shield SPF 45

UV Sport SPF 50

Environ Skin Care

Environ Skin Care

Developed by Dr. Des Fernandes and beloved by skincare professionals around the globe, Environ Skin Care was built on the principles of science, beauty, and care. Ranked as one of the five top plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Des Fernandes believes that your skin has a life, and Vitamin A provides the oxygen it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Their unique Vitamin Step Up system allows your skin to gradually adjust to increasing amounts of Vitamin A and other potent ingredients so it can receive the nourishment it needs to produce that coveted youthful glow.

Products Offered

  • Derma-Lac Lotion (16% Acid)
  • Eye Gel
  • Hydra Intense Cleansing Lotion
  • Roll Cit
  • Sebugel A
  • Sebuprep

Antioxidant AVST Gel

Avst Moisturizer 1

Avst Moisturizer 2

Avst Moisturizer 3

Avst Moisturizer 4

Avst Moisturizer 5

Cosmetic Roll-CIT

Defence Crème

Gold Roll-CIT

Hydrating Clay Masque

Instrument Cleaning Solution

Low Foam Cleansing Gel

Moisturizing Toner

Pre-cleansing Oil

Revival Masque – 50ml




Hydra Cleansing Lotion

Vita Peptide Serum 1

Vita Peptide Serum 2

Vita Peptide Serum 3

Vita Peptide Serum 4

Vita Peptide Toner

Colostrum Gel

Alpha Hydroxy Toner 200ml

Intensive Hydrating Serum

Antioxidant and Peptide Eyegel

Oil Free Make-up Remover

Tri-Peptide Complex Elixir 30ml

Vita-Complex Super Moisturizer 50ml

Vita-Enriched Antioxidant Gel 30ml

PFB Vanish

PFB Vanish

PFB Vanish has created a line of products designed relieve the irritation caused by ingrown hairs. Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae, or PFB, is a condition which causes hair to grow in a screw shaped pattern, burrowing itself into the skin resulting in a hard, painful bump that resembles a pimple. PFB Vanish contains powerful acids and exfoliants which penetrate the skin, lifting ingrown hairs above the surface of the skin, and removing these bumps without causing further irritation. At the same time soothing ingredients like willow bark extract and camphor oil stop the infections caused by ingrown hairs before they have time to take hold. Our main product of choice from PFB Vanish is Chromabright.

Phyto-C Skin Care

Phyto-C Skin Care

Developed by the innovative Dr. Mostafa Omar, the man who created a stable form of topical Vitamin C to be used in skincare, Phyto-C creates powerful skincare products using natural ingredients. They strive to create the most potent antioxidant formulations which result in skincare which is safe, effective and natural. Phyto-C has been awarded grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), allowing them to continue their pursuit of finding the most potent natural ingredients to remove skin imperfections and restore skin’s radiance.

Active Serum

B5 Gel

Bionic Serum

Body Oil Forte

E in C

Intense Line Defense

Phyto Gel

Phyto Plus Gel


Serum Fifteen

Shooting Cleanser

Superheal O-live Gel

Supreme Serum

Velvet Gel

Rewards Program

We are excited to bring our patients savings by participating in the Allē rewards program. Learn more about the Silver, Gold, and Diamond membership tiers and rewards each have to offer. Click below to sign up!


Allē is a rewards program providing excellent benefits those who use Allergan products such as BOTOX, Juvéderm, SkinMedica, and other popular and effective treatments.

This tiered rewards program allows you to treat yourself more often to your favorite cosmetic enhancements and products. The more treatments and purchases that you make, the more you can save on future treatments and purchases!

How does the rewards program work?

To gain the advantages of the Allē program, you must sign up and create an account. After that, every cosmetic treatment that you have with an Allergan product will bring you added points, based upon your membership status.

There are three tiers in the program that offer more rewards as you accumulate more points. Everyone will start on the first tier, Silver, and progress through the second tier, Gold, to the final tier, Diamond.

The tiers are based on the number of points you’ve earned and as you advance through the levels, will bring more opportunities and rewards.

What Kind of Benefits Do They Include?



The Silver tier rewards you with $10 for every 100 points towards products you already use. You will also be given a reward on your Allē anniversary.



The Gold tier offers everything that the Silver tier does as well as allowing you to earn bonus points on every treatment. At this tier you will also receive a digital gift!



The Diamond tier builds on the rewards of the first two tiers, doubling your bonus points acquired per treatment. The best part about the Diamond status is that your points will never expire!

How Do I Earn Points?

You can earn points by purchasing Allergan products and treatments with Allergan products. The Allē website provides information about the number of points the various products and treatments offer. Plus, as you go up in membership status, you’ll become eligible for bonus points to benefit you even more.

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