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Facials in Virginia Beach

Everyone deserves the experience of a custom facial – one of the most effective and relaxing ways to maintain fresh, glowing, youthful skin. Dr. Kaado offers his patients specialized facial treatments for various skin conditions. Ready to look and feel young, vital, and glowing? We offer custom treatments that incorporate a stellar formula, based on a recipe that was handed down through generations in Dr. Kaado’s family.

Find out more about our custom facials and experience the benefits of natural ingredients at our luxury clinic, where we have harnessed the power of nature in anti-aging treatments.

You Are Unique

No skin is the same, therefore every facial is highly customized. A thorough consultation will reveal the ideal treatments for your skin. Our facials capture the healing energy of nature to create a unique sense of well-being. These deeply personalized treatments are highlighted by our exclusive pure flower essence, a priceless floral extract exclusive to our practice that infuses skin with vibrancy and life.

This divine treatment is enriched with phenomenal renewing qualities to reveal a lustrous, crystal clear complexion that eclipses the signs of aging. We use ultra-luxurious products, from diamond and pearl powder exfoliation to 24 carat gold-infused essences to achieve a flawless clarity and radiance.

Bloody Mary Facial

The “Bloody Mary Facial” treatment works with the regenerative processes of your body. It involves a blood draw (like a normal blood test), after which the extracted blood is separated in a centrifuge to extract the PRP (platelet rich plasma). This natural blood product has healing, regenerative properties.

Prior to application of the PRP, you will undergo facial microneedling, in which microchannels are created in your skin. The PRP is then applied so it can enter the deeper layers of your skin to trigger natural collagen and elastin production to smooth, firm, and rejuvenate your skin naturally.

After the Bloody Mary Facial is complete, you will have 2 to 4 days of downtime, with your skin looking and feeling as if you have a minor sunburn. Avoid all sun exposure during healing, and do not engage in hot yoga or swimming. The tiny needle marks may be visible the following day. Caring for your skin after a Bloody Mary Facial is vital, and you will need to carefully follow the aftercare instructions provided by our esthetician after your treatment.

Facials, Dr. Kaado

Kaado Luxury Gold Facial

Our Luxury Gold Facial is as exciting as it sounds; it combines anti-aging ingredients and natural 24K gold to firm and refresh your skin, with an added benefit of a lightening effect to even skin tone. Used in ancient times by the Romans and Egyptians, gold ions activate the regenerative processes deep within your skin, stimulating cells and nerves, increasing circulation, while reducing the dryness that leads to premature aging.

We combine it with 6 year old fermented red ginseng, silk, Dr. Kaado's proprietary essence and Gold foils to help seal the mask. Everything from the moisturizers to toners contain precious gold. The ginseng extracts supply nutrients to your skin and the silk amino acids balance the skin’s oil and moisture level.

Once upon a time, prized ingredients like gold and red ginseng were reserved exclusively for royalty and the members of the nobility, who used them to keep their complexions bright and flawless well into old age. For the ultimate in anti-aging technology, you are invited to experience the Kaado Luxury Gold Facial – the results are extraordinary – expect to become addicted!

The Magic Properties of Ginseng

Korean red ginseng has always been one of the most powerful anti-aging weapons in a woman’s cosmetic cabinet. The fertile soil of the Asian peninsula is particularly suitable for the cultivation of this plant, enriching it with a higher than usual amount of saponins, the components that give ginseng its wrinkle-fighting and skin-boosting properties. The appearance of cracked and wrinkled skin is further reduced by the tightening effect provided by the amino acids produced by golden silkworms.

Korea is well-known for producing the best ginseng in the world, a title it has earned for its high content of saponins. Saponins are a group of antioxidants that boost the production of collagen, which in turn helps to prevent and treat wrinkles. Experience the power of nature.

Gold for a Luminous Glow

Gold is well-known for its ability to brighten the complexion, giving it a luminous glow. The precious glittery metal is particularly effective at this because it has powerful soothing properties that reduce the inflammation that’s responsible for the premature appearance of dark spots. In addition, gold is believed to have healing properties that can purify and detoxify skin.

Forget diamonds — gold might be a girl's new best friend. A metallic sheet of liquid gold applied to the skin is applied for the final rejuvenating treatment.

Rose Petal Facial

Roses have symbolized love since time immemorial. Rose extracts and rose petals have been used for centuries for their natural medicinal properties. Our rose petal facial uses Dr Kaado’s exclusive Essence, based upon an old family recipe that had been handed down through generations and is exclusive to his practice. Dr. Kaado is currently developing a skincare line where he uses this essence as the base of various skincare products. The rose essence has been extracted from roses native to the Mediterranean mountains.

The Rose Petal Facial includes this essence combined with another proprietary mixture that is applied to the face, after which we place rose petals to seal and activate this natural custom blend.

We offer our clients the ancient healing properties of roses to help restore and refresh facial skin. You can enjoy the benefits of this soothing, healing treatment in our luxury clinic, where your wish is our command. Cleopatra used rose petals as in her many beauty rituals – for good reason. Experience skin that is soothed, healed, and refreshed.

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The Queen of Flowers

The Rose is affectionately known as “the queen of flowers,” and has properties that do far more than perfume our gardens and decorate our homes. Roses also have a long history of use in skincare thanks to their antioxidant, soothing and astringent properties. When the rose has bloomed to the point it’s ready to seed – a stage called rose hip, the plant produces the highest concentration of vitamins A, C and E, all powerful antioxidants that can be used to fight the free-radicals that cause wrinkles and boost the production of the collagen that keeps skin firm, fresh, and supple.

The Healing and Restorative Power of the Rose

Roses are laden with fatty acids, little molecules that deeply hydrate and plump the skin, reducing the unsightly appearance of wrinkles. That’s not all: rose extract acts as a gentle antiseptic and astringent, helping to clean the skin and prevent blemishes. Finally, roses are also believed to soothe the skin and reduce discolorations in a soothing, effective treatment that only nature can provide.

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Snail Mucin Facial

The discovery of the regenerative properties of snail mucin started when Korean researchers noticed how quickly the wounds on the hands of Chilean snail farmers healed. They found out that this was because the sticky, gooey secretion that snails leave in their trails has intense healing properties that can quickly repair the cuts and bruises they sustain when gliding over jagged surfaces. Korean beauty experts discovered that this secretion had the same beneficial effects on human skin and began adding this healing substance to their products.

Not only does snail mucin help skin heal faster from cuts and wounds, it also helps to treat and prevent blemishes, making it ideal for oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Because it’s deeply moisturizing, snail mucin is also great for dry skin – it’s one of those ingredients that works well for all skin types!

Healing Properties of Snail Mucin for Facial Rejuvenation

Snail mucin is all the rage in Korea right now, and there are many products that feature this ingredient. The snail mucin in the cream we use is fermented, which means it contains a greater quantity of skin-loving enzymes and amino acids.

The Treatment

We apply a mask that is particularly effective because it also contains snail extract to deeply moisturize and heal skin. The type of snail mucin used in this mask also has powerful anti-aging properties, because it is derived from snails fed a diet of red ginseng, which is well-known for its collagen-boosting properties, to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Snake Venom Facial

Snake venom is considered to be the best topical alternative to BOTOX because, just like BOTOX, it can be effective in smoothing lines and wrinkles. Our facial muscles create expressions when the face moves, smiles, and frowns, but, overtime, the constant repetition of these movements etches fine lines and wrinkles into our skin. By relaxing and paralyzing specific muscles, synthetic snake venom smooths wrinkles and lines.

Powerful Anti-Aging Properties

Snake venom truly is one of the most powerful weapons against anti-aging, which is why it has many admirers among the rich and famous. Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss are just some of the celebrities that use snake venom regularly in their skincare routine to keep a younger-looking complexion. In case you have concerns why anyone would use something so lethal on their skin, let me reassure you. The type of snake venom used in beauty products is called Syn-Ake. It is a synthetic tri-peptide that only mimics the effects of snake venom, providing the benefits without the risk of harmful side effects. This mask, laden with the synthetic version of snake venom to freeze wrinkles in place creates skin that looks smoother, younger, and brighter.

Facials, Dr. Kaado

What is snake venom and how does it work?

Snake venom is a snake's main form of defense. When under attack, a snake bites its prey, simultaneously injecting a toxin through its fangs. The toxin paralyses the prey's muscles, leaving them unable to fight back.

Is it a popular anti-aging ingredient?

Celebrities will go to great lengths to maintain a youthful complexion, and Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow all have nothing but praise for this ingenious anti-aging ingredient. This can only mean one thing: it really does work.

Why is snake venom so useful as an anti-aging ingredient?

Snake venom's ability to freeze muscles makes it an anti-aging wonder, but since the actual snake venom is extremely poisonous, the beauty world has taken the concept of snake venom and created a perfectly safe, synthetic venom called SYN-AKE to mimic its freezing effect. It helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles by freezing the muscles, creating a smooth complexion without the need for injectables like BOTOX. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to reduce forehead wrinkles by up to 52 percent – an amazing result. Better yet, it doesn't prevent facial movement, so you'll never be left looking expressionless or frozen.

Syn-Ake Synthetic Snake Venom

The main ingredient used in this Snake Venom Facial, SYN-AKE is actually not real snake venom, but a synthetic version which is used in cosmetology and also certain skin creams. It was developed to mimic the effects of a temple viper’s venom.

A temple viper’s venom is designed to paralyze its prey. The effects it has when applied to the skin are similar, yet softer. The Syn-Ake gently stuns the skin, sending messages to the fine dynamic facial muscles not to contract, so the skin appears smoother and more relaxed with fewer fine lines – thus mimicking the effects of BOTOX injections without the need for a syringe. This treatment creates a remarkable improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles on the facial skin.

The ‘Snake Venom’ Facial is a powerful skin treatment with remarkable anti-aging properties

  • It is a safe and effective treatment
  • Perfect as an alternative for patients who are not keen on the idea of having BOTOX injections
  • A gentler simulation of the effects of botulinum toxin
  • Works all over the skin for a generalized rejuvenating effect

Why Snake Venom?

As a result of a snake bite, the venom paralyzes the muscles of the affected area. Scientists realized the potential benefits of this reaction, specifically in the area of cosmetics. A synthesized venom-like substance gently stuns the muscles under the skin, both easing the look of lines and wrinkles, and in improving overall skin texture.

Expect the Unexpected

We are proud to offer an environment that is built around a truly luxury experience. From the moment you enter our clinic, you will know you have stepped into a new realm, where beauty and art rule. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and is continuously subjected to wind, damaging UV rays, and all nature brings to the environment.

Facial Skin Renewal at its Best

If you are concerned about aging, dry, dull, or sun-damaged facial skin, at our state-of-the-art, luxury clinic, we care about you, your skin, and making your visit a distinct pleasure from start to finish. Our facials are transformative, relaxing, and sumptuous, with ingredients so perfect they could only be created by nature. Put yourself in the hands of skincare experts at the leading edge of the latest in anti-aging technology, and our ultimate in facial rejuvenation, renewal, and restoration.

Anti-Aging Facials at our Luxurious Virginia Beach Clinic

Your face is always exposed and is the first area of the skin to begin to show the signs of aging. While the upper layers of your skin acts as a barrier to the elements, eventually it will start to lose its youthful glow, supple quality, and even tone.

Our facial treatments work to restore skin strength, flexibility, and texture and help it look young, fresh, and healthy for longer. Have a custom facial at Kaado MD Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine to transform and renew your facial skin in a luxurious environment built around the providing the ultimate client experience. To learn more, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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Facials, Dr. Kaado


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