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Thread Lift

Our Virginia Beach Thread Lift is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to lift and tighten sagging skin of the face and/or neck to restore a more radiant, lifted appearance. This procedure requires no major incisions in face or neck, giving patients a mini-face lift without the downtime associated with major cosmetic facial surgery.

What is a Thread Lift?

During a thread lift, your surgeon will insert a fine thread into the dermis through tiny incisions in the face or neck. This thread has tiny barbs, giving it the ability to "grab" the skin under the surface and lift the tissue in to a more suspended position, just as a puppeteer would lift the strings of a puppet to animate its arms and legs. This procedure can often be performed in under two hours and may be performed without the need for anesthesia.

Full Face Thread Lift

A safe, convenient option for patients who want to avoid the downtime and recovery from a traditional surgical face lift, the thread lift is a non-invasive procedure perfect for patients who are experiencing minor facial sagging and loss of skin tone and flexibility. The thread lift uses temporary, dissolvable sutures beneath the surface of the skin to lift sagging skin and restore a more youthful facial appearance.

This procedure can be performed on your full face, allowing problem areas to be lifted and tightened without leaving scars or removing skin and tissue. Additionally, the barbs included in the threads which allow the skin to be lifted stimulate collagen production, further enhancing the youthful benefits of the thread lift.

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Thread Eyebrow Lift

If you're simply looking to lift and restore the appearance of your brow area, a thread eyebrow lift is a simple, non-invasive option for facial rejuvenation at our luxury Virginia Beach clinic.

During this procedure, barbed sutures are threaded into the layers of the skin through tiny incisions. The barbs on these threads allow the sutures to grab the skin, so it is gently, carefully, lifted to a youthful position.

Thread Jowl Lift

Much less invasive than a traditional facelift, a thread jowl lift can restore the skin of your lower face giving your skin a tauter, firmer, more attractive appearance. The thread jowl lift does not require general anesthesia and can be performed in under an hour.

This procedure is performed without the invasiveness of major incisions, repositioning of the facial muscles, scars, and the significant downtime associated with surgical procedures. Results can last up to two years when the rejuvenating procedure is performed by our highly-qualified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kaado.

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Thread Neck Lift

Would you like to rejuvenate the skin of your neck and décolletage, providing a firmer more youthful appearance? The same procedure that provides lifting and tightening benefits to your face can also be applied to the skin of the neck and cleavage. This is a fantastic non-surgical option for enhancing the appearance of the skin below your jawline.

Thread Submittal Lift

A thread submittal lift is an ideal solution for patients looking to add volume and lift to the skin of the mid-face who also wish to avoid major surgery. The process for the thread submittal lift is non-surgical, only minimally-invasive, and completely safe. This procedure can be performed in less than an hour, giving patients seeking mid-face rejuvenation a safe option that requires very little downtime.

The Ponytail Lift

Our Virginia Beach Ponytail Lift is an innovative thread lift that produces a beautiful, natural look. This technique differs from a traditional thread lift, which restores the facial skin to a more youthful position with horizontal repositioning. This innovative treatment gives subtle and natural results by elevating the brow and subtly lifting the cheeks.


What is a ponytail lift?

Our ponytail lift refreshes can fully refresh your facial look. The facial skin is lifted vertically rather than horizontally to work against the pull of gravity. The custom sutures trigger natural regeneration, prompting the production of collagen for long-term results. As the years pass and collagen production in the skin decreases, you may be left with a thinner, gaunt, facial appearance. The ponytail lift stimulates your body’s natural healing response, improving skin quality, and delicately lifting sagging skin.

How does the ponytail lift work?

A ponytail lift works similar to a thread lift in that it uses tiny incisions to introduce sutures into the skin to reposition it. The sutures are made from PDO, a biocompatible material that your body can safely re-absorb. In a ponytail lift, the skin is lifted differently than a typical thread lift, as it is moved vertically rather than horizontally.

What are the benefits of the ponytail lift?

A ponytail lift achieves a very natural-looking outcome. The many benefits of the treatment include:

  • The incisions are placed behind the ear, preserves a natural ear shape, and are fully hidden from view
  • The results are long-lasting
  • The skin and fat layer are not separated as may be necessary for a facelift.
  • This lift both rotates and shapes your eyebrows for a natural look instead of stretching them and making a surprised look.
  • The downtime is minimal, with no major scarring or severe bruising.
  • The results are immediate.

How is it different from other thread lifts?

A ponytail lift pulls the skin in a different direction than other thread lift treatments. Most thread lifts lift the skin mostly horizontally, and the ponytail lift is a vertical lift, mimicking the effect of wearing a high, tight ponytail – hence the name!

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