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“Designer Nipples” is the latest trend in cosmetic treatments. While the treatment has been around for a while, it has recently caught like wildfire because of the recent trend of going braless and freeing the nipples, as popularized by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Do you wish you had sexier and more prominent nipples? Are you unhappy with your small, inverted, or flat nipples? Do you want to free the nipples and strut down the streets braless? If so, you may be the ideal candidate for designer nipples at Kaado MD.

What is a designer’s nipple?

A designer nipple is what you get due to nonsurgical cosmetic treatments that alter the shape, contour, or general appearance of your nipples and areolas. Traditionally, nipple reconstructions have been a part of the breast augmentations or breast reconstructive procedures, for example, after a mastectomy. However, women have recently started seeking designer nipples as an isolated procedure.

The designer nipple treatment enhances your nipple structure to create firmer and better-defined nipples that may be visible through clothing, such as close-fitting tops, sheers, and dresses. Depending on your specific cosmetic goals, the treatment can also change your nipples’ shade, shape, or size. The designer nipple treatment is done with dermal fillers strategically injected around your nipples to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Should I get designer nipples?

The designer nipple treatment is suitable for women who are unhappy with their current nipples or want specific enhancements to make them more visible through clothing. The following are some of the most common reasons to get a designer nipple treatment:

  • Changing the nipples’ size, either making them smaller or larger.
  • Changing the nipples’ orientation.
  • Correcting inverted nipples.
  • Making nipples appear firmer and more prominent.
  • Ensuring optimal symmetry between the nipples.

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How long do the designer nipples last?

The designer nipple treatment results usually last for up to two years, after which you can seek another treatment to maintain the results. However, the treatment's specific duration depends on the type of dermal filler used, the specific dosage, and how quickly your body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid.

Are designer nipples safe?

Designer nipples are completely safe because the dermal fillers are made of naturally-occurring, biocompatible, and biodegradable hyaluronic acid. The filler is completely safe and includes a negligible risk of allergies. Over time, the hyaluronic acid gets metabolized by your body without side effects. However, you must consult a skilled and knowledgeable doctor to ensure you achieve optimal and natural-looking results.

Why choose Dr. Kaado for designer nipples?

Dr. Kaado is exceptionally-trained, educated, skilled, and compassionate, and he has spent many years training in the fields of aesthetics and dermatology with leading experts in these fields. He carefully discusses your aesthetic expectations to curate the ideal treatment plan, helping you achieve the ideal pair of natural-looking and prominent nipples. If you want to ditch the bra and free the nipple, or if you just want to improve the appearance of your nipples, contact Dr. Kaado to discuss your options today.

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Designer Nipples


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