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Body Shock Treatments

Are you dissatisfied with your body’s contour or proportions? Thanks to advanced cosmetic products and treatments, you can now achieve the specific body contours your desire without surgery. Kaado MD provides body shock treatments to help you achieve your dream silhouette without surgeries, incisions, or injections.

What are Body Shock treatments?

Body Shock is a range of treatments that act specifically on the most critical parts of your body to provide highly-targeted contour remodeling benefits. Body shock treatments enhance the integral remodeling of your silhouette by fighting fluid retention, fat accumulation, flaccidity, and the reduction of stretch marks. The procedures are 100% adaptable to your unique needs and cosmetic expectations, making them suitable for everyone.

Areas treatable with Body Shock

  • Double Chin: Factors like age, genetics, and the external environment lead to the accumulation of excess adipose tissues in your chin, leading to sagging skin and a “double chin.”
  • Arms: The gradual process of aging leads to the loss of firmness around the triceps, i.e., you can see hanging flaps of skin tissues when you shake your arms.
  • Breasts: A combination of factors, such as hormonal changes, nursing, pregnancy, age, etc., lead to the loss of elasticity and firmness, leading to deflated or sagging breasts.
  • Abdomen and Flanks: Over time, the combined loss of tissue firmness and accumulation of fat tissues leads to pockets of fat around the front and sides of your stomach.
  • Buttocks: With age, the loss of skin tissue firmness leads to sagging skin and flattened buttocks.
  • Legs: Prone to retaining fluids and fat nodules, the legs often develop cellulite, i.e., the “orange peel” effect.
  • Stretch Marks: Rapid fluctuations in weight make the collagen and elastin in your skin rupture, leading to stretch marks.
Body Shock Treatments, Kaado MD Aesthetics, Virginia Beach

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How Body Shock treatments work

Body shock treatments consist of a concoction of active ingredients carefully applied to your body using one of 6 unique massage techniques. The massage techniques are designed to help you relax while increasing your body’s receptivity to the active ingredients through the epidermis.

Ingredients are customized according to your unique skin care demands, concerns, and expectations, and over time, they remodel your body internally to help you achieve the desired silhouette.

What happens during Body Shock treatments?

Body shock treatments are 100% customizable according to a patient’s unique needs and expectations. You can opt for treatments in multiple body parts and problem areas in the same session. The entire body shock treatment consists of six stages: diagnosis, preparation of the skin, customization, strengthening, intensification, and home maintenance. For optimal results, the patient has 10 body shock sessions done twice-weekly.

The following is an overview of all the stages of body shock treatment.

  • Diagnosis: During your initial consultation, we’ll enter your details into a datasheet and calculate your body mass index (BMI). Dr. Kaado helps you choose the ideal type of treatment and treatment areas, and curates the ideal treatment plan accordingly.
  • Preparation of the Skin: The procedure starts with a 10-minute deep cleanse and exfoliation with a body shock gel.
  • Customization: Dr. Kaado combines the ideal dose of body shock active ingredients to create a super booster for your specific skin concerns.
  • Strengthening: The doctor applies the body shock remodeling mask to the targeted treatment zones, rubbing them in with the selected massage techniques for 20 minutes.
  • Intensification: The body shock intensification cream is applied over the body to help with the optimal absorption of the remodeling mask ingredients.
  • Home Maintenance: You’ll follow a simple treatment plan from the doctor to continue applying active ingredients at home. Combining professional treatment with at-home maintenance is crucial to the treatment’s success.
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Why Choose Kaado MD for Body Shock Treatments?

Kaado MD provides a luxurious and state-of-the-art environment where you can achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated look while also soothing your mind. We provide some of the most advanced cosmetic treatments that help you transform your body to achieve the desired results. We curate each treatment to address your unique needs and expectations. If you’re ready to remodel your body without surgeries or downtime, contact Dr. Kaado to discuss your body shock treatment options today.

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Body Shock Treatments, Kaado MD Aesthetics, Virginia Beach


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